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Exhibition: Clwydian Creatives in Chester

Exhibition: Clwydian Creatives in Chester

Throughout April & May, I am one of 19 Clwydian artists taking part in an open exhibition at Gallery Twenty Two, Bridge Street, Chester.

I'm showing some of my larger pieces of Chester and Liverpool which I've brought out especially for the event.

You'll also find some of my prints and cards.

So if you fancy a day out in the beautiful city of Chester, come and join us. I'll be there on Wednesdays throughout May (except the 31st).

Danielle x


Clwydian Creatives in Chester.

Showcasing the talents of 19 diverse artists and artisans from the studios of Flintshire and Denbighshire, N. Wales.

@Gallery 22, Bridge Street, Chester CH1 1NN 07920 404 792

1st- 30th April

10.00 - 5.00 daily

Clwydian Creatives Art Trail ARTISTS:

1. Susan Grundy - Stained Glass & Ceramic Sculpture

2. Sarah Lewis - Driftwood Sculptures

3. Dorothy Taylor - painting using water-based media and oil on canvas -; FB:

4. Rosie Tuszynska - Painting in oils and watercolour -; Insta: @rosietuszynska; FB: Rosie Tuszynska Art

6. Judith Samuel - oil painting on hemp paper and wood -; Insta: @stiwdiorlofftgwair

7. Danielle McIntyre - free-motion embroidery artwork -; FB: daniellemcintyreart; Insta: @danielle_mcintyre_art

8. Shauna Stratton - Lethaea - silver jewellery

9. Susie Liddle - painting and printmaking in encaustic & mixed media -

10. Sharon Wagstaff - pastels -; FB & Insta: @SharonWagstaff-art

11. Lulu’s Cabinet - Lucy Dentith - Textiles and Mixed-Media -; Insta: @lulus_cabinet

12. Lyn Gibson - hand bound books - FB @rowanbindery, Insta: @lynxgibson

13. Melanie Baugh - textile art - FB & Insta: @MelanieBaughTextileArt;

14. Ann Williams - painting in gouache and watercolour - FB: AnnWilliamsArtist

15. Carol Udale - watercolours and paper art

16. Amanda Brown - Wire and Metallic Thread Sculptures and Encaustic Wax Painting

17. Kerry Mickleburgh - Gogledd Enamelling & Jewellery

18. Deirdre Boleyn - watercolours, lino printing & drawing

19. Cheryl Crichton-Edwards

20. Debbie Nairn - Slip cast porcelain pods -; Insta: /Debbie nairn; FB: /Debbie.nairn

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